Looking for something a little different than your average everyday massage?

Visit our Massage Laboratory or our Skin Care Laboratory today.

Book your massage therapy or facial appointment online by clicking "book now" on the bottom of any page or give us a call at 941-676-3433

  • Co-create your laboratory experience. Choose your temperature, your music, and your perfect pressure, and session type.
  • Enjoy treatments that aren't currently offered anywhere else.
  • Not everyone feels comfortable in a high-end feminine spa. Our office is more of a steam-punk/mad science vibe and many of our clients feel they can relax better.
  • Our therapists are paid the same hourly rate regardless of what type of massage you receive. Since they aren't commission-based, you know they'll recommend what YOU need rather than what their pocketbook wants.
  • Our therapists see a maximum of five clients a day. That means you'll never get a tired, burned-out therapist or be the eighth client they've seen that day.
  • Our sheets are super-clean. We use a local laundry service. Only one set is used on the table at a time and each client gets fresh new sheets.
Portrait of a beautiful steampunk woman over vintage background.