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Our Approach

There are only a few massage therapy offices near ours (which is located in Sarasota, Florida, just minutes from both Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch, and close to Parrish, Ellenton, and Palmetto).

Yes, they offer a good massage.

But what we offer is an experience. 

We are the FIRST to offer CBD Oil Massage, the only ones who have over 30 essential oil blends available, and one of the only in the whole Tampa Bay area to offer Synergy Stones as an alternative to the old-fashioned hot stone massage. We also are one of only a handful within 30 miles that has a super cool table like ours.

AND we do a much more relaxed interview to ensure that we're CO-BUILDING your massage creation.

What does this mean for you?

Custom crafted bespoke sessions in our massage therapy laboratory with far MORE unique options than anywhere else.

Meet the Team



Deborah Jacobson

Deb is our Clinical Skin Care Professional. She loves treating complicated skin and working with clients who are serious about improving their health. She is also a Thai Massage practitioner.  MA 79357 CL1238268


Jen Flick and Brian Hulliger

Jen Flick graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 2004. MA83474

Brian Hulliger is a 2017 graduate of SSMT. He will receive his certification as a Neuromuscular Therapist by October 2017. MA87317

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Lizz Pugh, LMT


Lizz Pugh, LMT is the owner of Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage and Mad Science Massage. She is a massage school teacher and pain relief specialist. She's been a therapist for over 14 years. MA40424

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