Massage Laboratory

Many of these massage services are EXCLUSIVE to Mad Science Massage in Sarasota, Florida.

CBD Oil Massage

Licensed Massage Therapists use this luxurious oil during your customized massage to create a unique and deeply relaxing massage session. A thicker healing salve made with similar ingredients is applied to any especially stiff, sore, or achey areas. The massage oil we use in our Sarasota (near Bradenton) massage clinic is a nut-free, vegan, organic base chock-full of whole hemp extracts including generous amounts of CBD as well as many of the other cannaboidal pieces that make medical marijuana so effective. (Note: as medical marijuana is not legal here in Bradenton, Florida, we use industrial hemp sources for our cannabis supplies. This is legal in all 50 states. The THC content is less than 0.03 and our lotions and CBD products are NOT psychoactive.)

Starting at $85 for a 75-minute CBD Oil Massage in our Sarasota massage therapy studio.

Alchemical Creations

Choose to enhance your Mad Science Massage with one of over 20 potent alchemical mixes of pure essential oils. Aromatherapy can be used to create calm and relaxation, soothe a throbbing headache, open up a stuffy nose, boost memory, or lull one to sleep. Your licensed massage therapist will help you pick a safe essential oil blend that will help you reach your goals as you build your massage experience in our laboratory.

Aromatherapy / Essential Oils are included at no extra charge in all of our treatments. Enjoy a basic relaxation massage for a true hour starting at $65.

Harness The Power of the Elements

Tired of messy, loud “hot stones” (you know the kind… they’re basically glorified river rocks thrown in a re-purposed crock pot) that require the massage therapist to run back and forth every two minutes? Harness the power of Stone and Fire for a truly elemental massage! Our stones are hand-crafted by a master stoneware artisan who has developed the perfect shapes for relaxing massage, deep tissue, and even trigger point work. Synergy stones are huge, hold heat a long time, and are heated without messy water. Find out how different hot stone massage can be.

Better than Hot Stone Massage for a full hour and up starting at $85

Muscle Mechanics

Back pain stopping your plans of world domination? Maybe headaches make you feel like you can’t take over the world today. We know that every client deserves to pursue their plans with comfort and ease! The Muscle Mechanic is IN! Whether you want a deeper pressure or specific work for a problem, our therapists will have you planning and plotting like your old self again.

Deep Tissue massage at from our Sarasota massage therapists starting at $85 for a true hour

Menstrual Massage

People who have a uterus often experience bloating, cramping, low back aches, crankiness, and a load of STRESS before and during that time of the month.
This 75-minute session includes serious pampering: a heated herbal pack for the abdomen; alchemy essential oils blends with geranium and other components to relieve symptoms; and of course, a cup of hot herbal raspberry leaf tea and piece of chocolate.

Menstruation massage and serious pampering starting at $85 for a 75-minute treatment: longer sessions available

Table Thai

Thai Massage on the table is performed clothed, without any oils or lotions, and has often been referred to as “lazy man’s yoga”! Your therapist will use a series of movements, gentle stretches, rhythmic compressions, rocking, and other traditional Thai Massage movements that have been adapted to the massage table. A favorite for athletes.

$85 for 75-minutes

Vitamin-Infused Massage

Who really wants to get a vitamin shot when there are other ways to get your B12 and other nutrients? Upgrade any massage therapy session with a special topical vitamin designed by physicians to be absorbed and utilized by the body. Make your already healthful massage habit even more healthful by enhancing any massage with one of several vitamin blends. (Please consult your doctor if you are unsure if you should use supplements of any kind.)

Add on to any massage treatment for $10

Class IV Laser

Utilize cutting-edge technology proven to help reduce inflammation and pain. This warm deep tissue laser therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical, drug-free, FDA-approved way to help you feel and function better again. All our therapists are Certified Laser professionals and have had extensive training in laser safety and protocols.

Deep tissue laser treatments very based on areas and package; generally $85

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